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Beyond All Boundaries hosted by John Dwyer is a show that brings on elite entrepreneurs doing things with their life and business that pushes all boundaries and makes a bigger impact on the world outside of themself. We talk business, spirituality, life, purpose and much more.


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As the President and CEO of Solid Rock Financial Group, John leads the organization with incredible passion and vision. He is instrumental in setting the pace and tone of what’s truly possible through his dedication and commitment to advocate what he believes – not only for his own clients but also through the mentorship of financial professionals within Solid Rock and throughout the U.S. It is with his singular focus to help people understand how money really works that he has positioned Solid Rock as a consistently growing group of thriving individual practitioners located across North Dakota, Minnesota, Colorado, and Ohio.

John is a proud husband and father of 3. He and his wife Maria are Board Members of the Lespwa Lavi Academy in Bismarck – a unique foundation providing hope and opportunity to children and hard working men and women in Haitian rural communities.”